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Our loyalty program app is designed to help you grow. When you choose our app and loyalty know-how, we’ll help you keep hold of your customers – and win you new ones too. From that, you can realize the long-term value of those who buy from you.
Benefits to a Business / Brand / Merchant

1. Loyalty programs help you stop competing purely on price

In today's competitive market, customer loyalty programs are essential to stand out from price-driven competitors.
These programs create a more emotional connection with your brand, making customers see you as more than just products.

By rewarding customers and appealing to their emotions, you build a bond that encourages repeat business and boosts your profits.

2. Improve retention and reduce churn

Due to the high cost of acquiring new customers and the increased spending of loyal ones, retention is crucial.
Loyalty programs, address this by incentivizing repeat business.

Loyalty programs turn one-time buyers into loyal customers, significantly reducing churn and boosting revenue.

3. Increase CLV (customer lifetime value)

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a key metric that shows the total profit you can expect from a customer throughout your relationship.

Loyalty programs can significantly increase CLV by making customers spend more often, buy more per purchase, and stay loyal to your brand for longer.

4. Turn customers into brand advocates

Loyalty programs can turn customers into brand advocates by rewarding them for promoting your business, creating a powerful way to acquire new customers.
These programs can also go beyond purchases, awarding points for activities that benefit the company, like social media engagement.

This creates a win-win situation where customers get rewarded and the company enjoys free promotion.

5. Increase purchase frequency

Loyalty programs stimulate increased buying frequency, particularly for low-margin products with shorter sales cycles.

Customers are more likely to make more frequent purchases of producsts if they know they’re building up loyalty rewards by doing so.

6. Improve average order value

As well as increasing the frequency of purchases, loyalty programs can increase the value of each purchase. 

7. Even out seasonality

Most businesses experience seasonal fluctuations in sales, and it can be a challenge to drive up revenue in the quieter months. Loyalty programs can help counterbalance these fluctuations by offering special rewards or promotions during off-peak periods. 

For instance, travel businesses like airlines or hotels might offer double points for bookings during their low season to encourage travel during these times.

8. Improve communication and strengthen your brand

Finally, loyalty programs can enhance your brand and improve customer communication

Regular updates about rewards, exclusive offers, and events provide touchpoints to engage with customers, fostering a stronger brand-customer relationship. 

With Tiger Loyalty, brands or businesses can easily send personalized emails and text messages to their customers following certain triggered events.

Benefits of loyalty programs for your customers

Loyalty programs are great for your business — but they’re also great for your customers.

And the better you understand the benefits of loyalty programs for your customers, the better you can tailor your loyalty program to their needs.

Savings and rewards

The most obvious benefit to customers: through discounts and redeemable points loyalty programs help shoppers to save money. Many brands offer special perks like free delivery or free returns to their most loyal customers so that they can provide them with even more value. 

Exclusive access and perks

But loyalty programs aren’t just about discounts — and it’s often best for your business if they aren’t —loyalty programs can also often offer exclusive perks that enhance the customer experience. 

This can include early access to new products or sales, special members-only events, and preferential customer service. 

Personalized experiences

With the data collected through loyalty programs, businesses can offer personalized recommendations and promotions that cater to individual customer preferences. 

A sense of fun!

Loyalty programs often involve elements of gamification — earning points, reaching new membership levels, completing challenges — which can make things more engaging.

By introducing gamification into your loyalty program, it creates an experience that is genuinely fun for your customers.

A feeling of belonging

Done right, loyalty programs create a community of customers who share your values.

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